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1,200 feet of the Midlands Mountain Trail has just been replaced with 4,300 feet of new, sustainable trail!!!

The new, longer, sustainable, rerouted trail removed heavy bike usage from 1,200 feet of existing trail in the flood plain of the Broad River and provided additional trail for all user groups. The new trail was constructed in accordance with current best management practices and sustainable trails technology, which significantly minimizes erosion and run-off into the Broad River.

This project is an extension of the 5,000 ft. of new trail constructed on the Midlands Mountain Trail with the 2013 RCCC grant. The contractor, Denos Contos with Benchmark Trails, Harbison Forest Manager, James Miller, and Friends Board member, Harry Mathis, completed flagging the new trail on January 3, 2014. The contractor completed construction on March 6, 2014. 15 volunteers reclaimed the obsolete trail on May 10, 2014, to minimize erosion and facilitate restoration. A sign was installed on the trail recognizing the public/private partnership funding by:
  • The Richland County Conservation Commission
  • Half-moon Outfitters
  • Cherokee Construction
  • Friends of Harbison State Forest
Thanks to all who made the New Trail possible!

Harbison State Forest is the largest urban green space in the Southeast. Friends of Harbison State Forest is a non-profit organization founded to preserve and promote the recreational and educational aspects of this urban forest resource. Our initial emphasis is planning, designing and building sustainable new trails while maintaining and upgrading the current trail system.
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What's the Latest News??

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Recent Trail Work

...Details below...

Stewardship Reroutes and Repairs:
The October Flood left some of our trails changed or out of service. There is still a significant detour on Stewardship due to the damaged bridges.

We started our first efforts to address some of the problems in December and will be focusing most of our work days to come there as well. The "roller coaster" was damaged to the point of prompting a reroute. The damaged bridges will also see a reroute to a better location for the trail and new bridges. Stay tuned for work date details.

We will have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. We are excited about the trail improvements and reroutes and need your help to continue the progress. Please watch for work day notices here, on Facebook and in emails.

What's Happening on the Trails?

Trail Work News

...May WORK DAYS...

WHEN: Saturday, May 28th, 9:00 am - 2:30 to 3:00 pm(Yes, longer than usual)

WHERE: Gather in Education Center parking lot by 9:00 and we'll head over to the work site.

WHAT: Fire Break Trail Updates
We will be doing some updates to the big hill climb on Fire Break Trail near the gravel road.

REMEMBER: Bring gloves, snacks and water.

QUESTIONS? Contact Harry (cell# 803-605-3120) or post on the Friend's facebook page

If you can't stay the whole time even an hour or two is a big help! It is absolutely OK to take a break from your run/ride and grab a tool...we WILL NOT stop you!


Much like closure measures used in other areas to protect trails from damage due to wet weather, Harbison's great trails now have protection. During heavy rain events and for 24 hours after, trail users will be directed to stay off the trails. You may still run, walk or ride the gravel roads. Soon, Friends will have more information about this process, including directions to the alternate routes, displayed at our new kiosk. The forest map already shows the gravel roads.


If you would like to help with any of our activities, please call Harry at 803-605-3120 or James Miller at the Forest Office.

Watch Marie McAden from the SC Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism:

Our thanks go to all those whose pictures are being used on the website. These photographs prove there is beauty all around us for those who have eyes to see.

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