The Trails

The trails are the heart of Harbison State Forest. You’ll find people walking, biking, and running there every day.


There is plenty of parking both at the main entrance and throughout the forest. The money from parking passes goes toward upkeep and management of the forest.

Daily Pass: Daily passes can be purchased for $5 at the yellow kiosks in the parking areas.

Yearly Pass: The yearly parking pass costs $25 and must be displayed every time you visit the forest. This fee is not covered by your Friends of Harbison State Forest membership.

You can also purchase a daily or yearly pass online through the State Forest Commission.

Why do the trails close?

When the trails are wet, we can actually cause them a lot of damage by using them by using them. The foresters do their best to keep this wonderful resource open for us, but do occasionally have to close them to protect them.

What can you do to help protect the trails?

  • Stay off the trails if they’re wet.
  • If you do go on wet trails, don’t go off the trails to avoid mud and puddles.
  • Call ahead to see if the trails are open.

Call (803) 896-8897 to see if the trails are open.


Trail Maps

You can see the trail map on the kiosk at the forest entrance. If you want to plan ahead or print a map to bring with you, download the trail map.